Roots of the families [Van] Bolhuis
In the community of Loppersum, in the province of Groningen, we find in the vicinity of the village of Wirdum a manmade hill called Eekwerd. On that hill a farm Bolhuis is situated from ancient times. People descending from that farm distinquished themselves from others with the same christian name by indicating that their family came from (in Dutch: van) the Bolhuis. In most cases the "van" part of the name disappeared in due time. At present about 2100 persons carrying the name [Van] Bolhuis are living in the Netherlands.

map from 1781 indicating the place of Bolhuis in the eastern part of Groningen

Early 1400 the family lives already on the Bolhuis. In the Middle Ages it was a rather important farm. The best known owner was Abel Eppens (1534-1590), member of the provincial government and author of a chronicle that still is one of the main sources for the history of Groningen of his time.
Every body alive called [Van] Bolhuis and likely descending from Abel Eppens, does so through one of his four sons: Popko Abels. The lionshare of namesakes belongs to this group. However, it has not (yet) been possible to proof this lineage for all. In some cases it is even certain that the name was chosen on different grounds. When the family of Popko Abels left the farm, another family took residence and also named itself after the property.
judge Abel Eppo van Bolhuis (1676-1739) Later we find the family Van Dijk, stewards of the isle of Rottumeroog. One of them also calls himself Bolhuis. He is named after a son of the local judge.
The present namesakes whose name [Van] Bolhuis is not to be explained by virtue of belonging to a family once residing on the farm "Bolhuis", can be grouped into nine smaller families, traceable from 1650-1750. It is likely that family connections exist between some of these groups or between them and the main family, but proof is still lacking.