What has been done and what has to be done?
In the sixties of last century research was initiated into the [Van] Bolhuis families. The result upto now covers about 1.700 pages.
In most cases we can trace the ancestors till early 1600, and often well into the 15th century.
The work before the 20th century has as good as finished. An odd date or place may be missing, but these are mere details. Even so, it will take quite some time to complete as far as possible.
The period after that is less complete, because the relevant archives are not yet public, so we depend on the people themselves to furnish most of the information. Family anouncements in the papers and some other sources give some information, but do not provide a complete overview. Most important is the personal contact by phone, or internet.
We hope to complete this period in the next two years, but that is of course depending too on the co-operation we get, how soon information can be obtained and is given. In particular the limited response from abroad may proof to be a delaying factor. Worst of all are the United States in this respect.
Due to the amout of data publication in bookformat would take at least four volumes. It is clear that the cost of such an operation would be prohibitive. At least for me. Hence we consider to make the results available to those who are interested on DVD.