Publishing the genealogy as a book

What will be the contents of book or DVD?

It goes without saying that the DVD wil provide information about persons called [Van] Bolhuis, their course of life, their convictions and what motivated them, as far as we have been able to identify such information. student theology Lambertus van Bolhuis, 1763 We try to link their lives to the historical context to give some insight in how they lived and what touched them. From that perspective information is given about certain professions, social security, habits in Groningen, political developments influencing their life. We have annexes about old customs, the organisation of the state during the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands, intrafamily marriage, but also subjects not general but specific related to the family, like the meaning and origin of the name, the crest of arms, the history of the Bolhuis itself, distribution over the Netherlands.

Wat will be told over the persons?
We try to collect a set of basic information about every body who was, or is, called [Van] Bolhuis. Of course as far as applicable. The set is composed out of the following items:
    Xxx [van] Bolhuis
    - title
    - full name and call name
    - place and date of birth
    - place and date of death
    - occupation (former and/or present)
    - place and date of marriage (or: living together since)
    - place and date of divorce
    about the partner:
    - same information
    - full names of the parents (mother maiden name)
But that, of course, is not the entire story. Names, places, data, that does not excite anybody. And it gives so little information about the people. That is why we try to add more. For the persons gone too long ago still to be rembered the details about them derive from documents retained in archives or kept in the family. For those from more recent times we hope about stories still told within the family circle, descriptions of character, anecdotes, an incident typical for him or her, a family paper on the occasion of a marriage, jubilee or birthday. Paper clippings provide often interesting information.A theft of chicken, an accident, or a reward gained. Minor happenings, but it gives an insight in the day to day life, that you cannot find a history books.
midwife Eke Jans van Bolhuis-Rozeboom, ca. 1830 And we are looking for illustrations. Portrets, photo's of persons or groups, photo's characteristic for the time (for instance an street scene, a profession no longer excecuted this way like blacksmith, a house etc.) Not every thing can be publised, it would be too expensive, but the more illustrations we have to choose from, the better the selecton will be.

Who will be mentioned?
We hope to mention every body called [Van] Bolhuis, be it living now or in the past. Also their partners. That means that children with a different family name will not be mentioned. This is self protection. It took about 50 years to come where we are. Extending the scope to include also descendents in the female line would take another 50 years. However, in the last generation the rule is not rigidly applied. When a family is eager to see also children of daughters and the information is supplied, why not? After all, when it is that easy to please somebody ..... Of course in the background there is also a commercial motive. DVD's like these are never cost covering, so any additional DVD sold is welcome.

What will book/DVD look like?
It is evident that a publication of this nature will carry costs. In order to limit these, I am eager to recieve E-mail adresses of those potentially interested. A postal mailing to 100 people is more expensive and takes more work than E-mailing 2000 persons.

When will the book or DVD be finished?
On the page research you will find a listing of what still has to be done. And of course that also depends whether we have smooth sailing.