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While it usually takes little effort to link any [Van] Bolhuis in the Netherlands to the genealogy, a number of unidentified persons who lived or live in the United States or Canada are listed below. Who can give more details about them and their family?
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Albert Bolhuis, * 1860, burried Pilgrim Home Cemetery (Holland, Michigan) 25.4.1942.

Albert Bolhuis, in 1889 and 1890 mentioned as "machine hand" at Muskegon Valley Furniture Co, living 74 Wilson Avenue, Muskegon (Michigan, USA).

Albert Bolhuis, * 1875, † 1965, burried Mount Hoppe Cemetery, Chicago

1894: Al Bolhuis had the misfortune to loose part of his thumb and harm his left hand on a machine in the Holland furniture factory. Dr Kremers hopes he can safe the hand

1890; Muskegon. Cornelius Cooper (17) drowned. He sat with Harms Siersema and Andrew Bolhuis on a rope crossing the water. The rope broke and all three tumbled in the 24 ft deep water. Siersema saved Bolhuis, but Cooper drowned.

Anna Katherina Bolhuis x 16.11.1948 William Noordhoek, * Sheldon (Iowa) 13.4.1926, † 29.4.2010

Anna K. Bolhuis x Kalamazoo (Michigan, USA) 10.5.1953 Jack R. Watson, * Kalamazoo 7.7.1930, † Borgess Medical Center 29.5.1998, son of Leo A. Watson en Berenice Dickerson.
Jack Watson works for over 42 years as machine operator. He is for 18 years member of the firebrigade. During his army time he served in Korea.

Donald Bolhuis, † before 2007, x Carolyn A. Corstange, * Kalamazoo 20.3.1931, † Linden (Genesee, Michigan) 5.9.2005, daughter of Peter Corstange en Fannie Yonker, children:
a. Susan Bolhuis, * 1961, x Tim Stanley,
b. Lori Bolhuis, * 1963, x Johan Brinkert Race, * 1960.
George Bolhuis, * Netherlands 1882, labor cementworks, x 1910 Henrietta ..., * Netherlands 1877.Immigration of both in 1910.

I. George and Nina van Bolhuis of Quebec City
II. Cecile van Bolhuis, x Claude Vaillancourt, zv Joseph Vaillancourt an Berthe ….
a. Christiane Van Bolhuis BAA, AVA,Pl.Fin, * Candiac (Canada), planificatrice financiθre, x Montreal (Quebec, Canada) 5.5.2012 Chad Nicolas Scripnick, * Timmens (Ontaria, Canada),zv Bob Scripnick and Pauline …
b. Julien Van Bolhuis

Garret(t) J. Bolhuis, * 12.1.1953, K Kalamazoo (Mi) 25.7.2007
seems to be related to:
Gloria Jean Bolhuis, * 26.5.1944, † 30.6.2006.

H. Bolhuis x 1923 miss A. de Groot, in the 1st Christian Reformed Church of Sioux center

Harm Bolhuis, * Netherlands, x Trijntje ..., * Netherlands, parents of:
a. Annie Bolhuis, * Muskegon (Mi) 11.1.1894
b. Jennie Bolhuis, * Grand Rapids (Mi) 6.5.1894, † 18.3.1897

Haron Bolhuis x Froukje …, parents of(??)
Martha Bolhuis, * 1894, Oakhill cemetry (Grand Rapids, Michigan) 20.8.1895,

Hellen Bolhuis * "Lyldyke" NL (Zijldijk?) x Kalamazoo (Mi) 25.12.1876 James Fox, * Wiskerke NL 1851.

1898. Holland. The house 89 Hilton St got fire. John Winn lived downstairs, he suffers $100 damage. Upstairs lived Herman Bolhuis and Nina Waltz, damage $400.

1875. A. Verplanke and J. Bolhuis opened a shoeshop in North River Street, Holland.
After 1879 J. Bolhuis is replaced by J. van Rheen.

John Bolhuis, is mentioned in 1889 and 1890 as labourer with Hackley&Hume, living 62 1/2 Merill Avenue, Muskegon (Michigan)

John Bolhuis, x Helen Belle Everingham, * New York (New York, VS) 15.9.1917, † San Diego (Califormiλ, VS) 26.1.1994, for whom it was her 4th marriage, daughter of Robert Everingham en Lyda Wight.

Kay Ellen Bolhuis, * 2.6.1948, † Hopkins (Michigan) 26.10.1999, x ?? Keith R. Hoezee, * 23.3.1946, son of Donald L Hoezee and Joyce A ….
Also known as Kay Ellen Hoezee Bolhuis.

Klaske Bolhuis, * 1831, † before 1900, x 1. ... Smit, x 2. (Ottawa, Michigan, USA) 1896 Arie de Bruin, * Nederland 1828, son of Jan de Bruin and Maria Zondag.
It is also possible that Smit was her maiden name. In that case her first marriage was with .... Bolhuis.

Mary Bolhuis, * 27.4.1884, † 2.3.1902.
Burried Calley City Cemetry, now: southern section of Oakhill Cemetry.

Mary Lyn Bolhuis x Ken Kingma somhow related to:
…. Bolhuis x Mary E. Peterson, * 29.12.1979
Christy Bolhuis x …. Sorenson
Joan Bolhuis (=Joan Mary Lewis?)
Douglas James Bolhuis, x Suni Pellet,

Marilyn Joyce Bolhuis, of Fulton (Illinois), * 29.9.1937, x 21.6.1957 Gordon Paul Buikema, is verm. * Whiteside (Illinois) 8.4.1937, † Rockford (Illinois) april 1981, so Louis J. Buikema and Dorothy Jaarsma.

Peter Bolhuis, private, infantery, takes part in the Civil war, x Harriet …, He or she † 31.10.1918. Veteran pension

Peter Bolhuis, mentioned in 1889 and 1890 as gardener, living 28, Muskegon (Illinois)

Peter Bolhuis, * 1901, † Jasper County (Alabama, USA) 31.5.1974

Pieter Bolhuis, † 12.10.1925
An obituary is placed in de Holland Sentinel (Ottawa County, Michigan USA).

R. Bolhuis, 27 years, bachelor, labourer, arrives as immigrant New York 13.5.1867. He left Liverpool with the boat Erin.

On South Side Laketon Avenue 3 in Muskegon (Michigan, USA), live:
Richard Bolhuis, in 1887 and 1888 mentioned as dairyman
Robert Bolhuis, in 1889 and 1890 mentioned with the note "dairy".
Henry Bolhuis, in 1889 and 1890 mentioned as labourer.

I. Richard Bolhuis, * Netherlands or Holland (Michigan) x Grand Rapids 17.3.1869 Jannetje (Jennie) Vaners (= van Es), * Netherlands 1849 (II.1),
II.1. Arthur R. Bolhuis/Bolhouse/Bolthouse, * Muskegan (Mi) jan 1870, † 24.12.1960,carpenter, x Muskegan (Michigan) 23.7.1888 Gertrude K (Katie) Westerman, * Spring Lake (MI) 31.1.1872, † Muskegon 23.10.1930, servant, daughter of John Westerman and Mary …. (III.1).
In 1887 and 1888 employed by Kelly Bros manufacturing Co, in 1889 en 1890 by Muskegon Valley Furn. Co. (= the same als the driver in 1887 and 1888 by the company R. Bolhuis?)
III.1 Children of Arthur R. Bolhuis and Katie Westerman (II.1.):
a. Richard Arthur Bolhuis/Bolthouse, * Michigan Febr.1890, † 23.7.1930, machinist, x Saginaw (Michigan) 25.4.1914 Iva Fern Mowry, * Ohio 13.2.1892, † Muskdegon (Michigan) 5.2.1972, who remarries (1935) Richard De Young, do Stephen Lee Mowry and Mary Inscho or Euskow (IV.1),
b. Madeline [Mattie or Mary] Bol(t)house, * Muskegon (Michigan, US) 23.8.1891, x Muskegon 21.10.1914 David L Appel, * (Michigan) 1886, son of Chas. E. Appel and Hannah M. Hokanson,
c. Jeanette [Jennie] Bol(t)house, * Muskegon (Michigan, US) 21.9.1893, stenographer, x Muskegon 23.4.1913 Ferdinand Lange, * Ravenna (Muskegon) 1889, collector, so Robert H. Lante and Mary E. Porter,
d. John Arthur Bol(t)house, * Muskegon (Michigan) 7.5.1900, toolmaker, x Muskegon 25.6.1919 Emma O.A. Marks, * Muskegon (Michigan) 1898, clerk, do William Frederick Marks en Otelia Zahrt.
IV.1 Children of Richard Arthur Bolshouse and Iva Fern Mowry:
a. Richard Arthur Bolthouse, * Muskegon 17.12.1921, † 3.7.1997, farm help in 1940.

Richard F. van Bolhuis, * 29.7.1942, † Racine (Wi) 20.11.1979, x 258.1.1967 Cherie A. Krakowsky, who remarries Stip Myers, mother (in law?) Joyce Wright (or Elkhorn), parents of:
a. Amy Lyn van Bolhuis, * Burlington 13.8.1968, † Milwaukee 10.6.2010, x Burlington 6.5.1989 Ken Jahns, son of Kenneth Jahns and Diana ….
b. James P. (Jim) van Bolhuis, senior manager IT-service desk, x 8.12. Kristy Ann Roden, * 1978

Ruth Bolhuis, † 15.3.1921

Robert Lee (Bob) Bolhuis, * 1962, x Nancy Ann Ryan, * ca 1961, daughter of Francis P. Ryan and Mary Ann ....
She also is mentioned: Nance Swinehart of Nancy Bailey.
related to Jody Bolhuis, Emily Bolhuis

Ruth Bolhuis, † 15.3.1921
An article in the "Holland Sentinel" about her.

Ruth Bolhuis, * 11.3.1930.
An article in the "Holland Sentinel" (Ottawa County, Michigan, USA) on the occasion of her birth.

Sheri L. Bolhuis, * 27.9.1945, † Kalamazoo (Michigan, USA) 11.10.1975.
Also 1942 is mentioned as year of birth.

Grand Rapids Febr. 1946 Police officer Bolhuis waited at night for two hours in the Leonard street, since he wa sinformed dat in Muskegon a jewelry store was robbed. He succeeded in capturing three thiefs who had plenty of jewels aand firearms in the car. … Bolhuis x Carol Marie Fischer, * Washington (USA) 13.10.1942, † Los Angelos (Californiλ, USA) 8.11.1997, dv …Fischer en … Way.
Last residence Lancaster, Los Angelos, California,

… Bolhuis x x Malvina Myrth Hogan,* 24.9.1915, † East Grand Rapids (Kent, Michigan, US) 21.7.1987, do Dewy O. Hogan and Lillian M. Nichols.

On Pilgrim Home Cemetry, Holland (Michigan, USA) are burried:
child of … Bolhuis, † 1.8.1855
child of J. Bolhuis, † 23.9.1859.

… Bolhuis, father of:
a. Cordell Bolhuis,
b. Kris Bolhuis, x dec 2012 Stacie Lynn …

... Bolhuis, x Dorothy Elizabeth Stophlet, * Toledo (Ohio) 1.10.1910, † Battle Creek (Mi) 11.6.1939, daughter pf
... Bolhuis, x Harriet L. Wason, * Otsego (Mi) 7.4.1936, † Gobles 13.11.1997, doaughter of albert J. Wason and Junerose Livingston.