How can you participate?

The research now focusses on the last generations, so on you and your direct relatives. You can contribute in helping to complete these data. But let us do so with the least effort. Data that you have to find somewhere in that old cartonbox with family announcements (that box you had almost forgotten, but it must be somewhere on the attic), may be known to us already.
It seems the most practical way to progress is when you provide the names of your parents. In particular the maiden name of your mother is of importance. After all, when we have to find a Jacob Bolhuis, it will take more time than when we go for Florence Smith.
Then I will send you a summary of your direct family and indicate the missing information. It is inevitable that questions are asked that are not applicable. Like the date of decease of somebody still kicking and alive, or details of the divorce of a bachelor. I hope for your indulgence on this point, it just demonstrates how urgent we need your help.
But when you do not want to wait for the summary and wish to start immediately, engaging yourself in preparatory work: on the page publication you find a list of the standard information we try to complete. You also find how to handle decendents with a different family name.
Making a closed group on facebook and inviting the family members ofter stimulates, I participate in groups like that and brings families together. Forgotten old stories, pictures etc. emerge. It is very stimulation to the participants.
Then a second phase. Perhaps you have still some paper clippings, family announcements, photo's, stories, personal memories. In certain parts of the genealogy this kind of information is plenty and provides a good impression of the kind of family described there. And is that not that what makes a genealogy interesting?
On the page publication is told which kind of illustrations we try to collect. Most likely not all illustration material can be used, it would raise the cost too much, but the more illustrations to choose from, the better the selection can be. We will consider how unique an illustration is. A picture of that unmarried aunt who did not play much of a role in the family, will get a lower rating than the picture of the grandpa with 9 children and 63 grand children. However, if that aunt is dressed in the traditional costume, that too is taken into consideration.

Also, you can help by providing E-mail adresses. When the publication will be available as many people as possible will be informed through internet.