[Van] Bolhuis websites If a link is out of order please let me know, or if you know of home pages [Van] Bolhuis, personal or bussiness, you may report them, so I can include them in the list below.
I found the following websites of persons or enterprises with the name [Van] Bolhuis

André Bolhuis
Site of organbuilder André Bolhuis in Noorhorn

André Bolhuis
Wikipedia information about the international hockeyplayer, member of the Worldchampionteam, chairman of the Netherlands Olympic Committee.

Arjan Bolhuis
Blogspot of Arjan Bolhuis.

Bas Bolhuis
Site of gardener Bas Bolhuis in Grijpskerk.

Bert and Anja Bolhuis
Bert and Anja were baptised in an orthodox protestant church. After intensive study of the Bible they became convinced that they had to be baptised again. On the site they explain their motivation, more elaborate published in bookform.

Dieuwerke Bolhuis
Site of Dieuwerke Bolhuis with details about her professional carreer.

Eefiene Bolhuis
Site of the artist Eefiene Bolhuis, sister of Frode and Maria, daughter of Siemen Bolhuis.

Elle Gerrit Bolhuis
Elle G. Bolhuis, who also used the name Van Bolhuis, wrote a keynovel dealing with the time that he served as a teacher in het village Barger Compascuum. The novel can be downloaded from the site.

Eppo van Bolhuis
Site of the painter turned physician Eppo van Bolhuis.

Frode Bolhuis
Site of the young sculptor Frode Bolhuis, son of Siemen, brother of Maria and Eefiene Bolhuis.

Gerrit Bolhuis
Wikipediasite about the late sculpter Gerrit Bolhuis (1907-1975).

Harold van Bolhuis
Site (still) under construction.

Hendrik Bolhuis
Wikipedia information regarindg the cook Hendrik (Hennie) Bolhuis (1884-1912), who drowned when the Titanic sunk. Another site:

Herma van Bolhuis
Site of the painter Herma van Bolhuis.

Hugo van Bolhuis
Not a site of Hugo van Bolhuis, but about him and his musical activities for the Bahà'i community. English.

Jan Bolhuis
Site of the architect Jan Bolhuis.

Jan en Anne Bolhuis Site of the brothers Jan en Anne Bolhuis, who take care of the catering and entertainment at parties.

Johan Bolhuis and Alexandra Alons
Site of a doctors couple (dr A en dr B) about nature medicine. Of a more private nature is the site about their family which is protected by a password after the first page.

Joop Bolhuis
Site of the photographer Joop Bolhuis.

Lambertus van Bolhuis
Wikipedia page about the minister and languist Lambertus van Bolhuis (1741-1828)

Liesbeth Bolhuis
Site of the Agriculture University of Wageningen concerning associate professor Liesbeth Bolhuis.

Lotte van Bolhuis
Site of the singer Lotte van Bolhuis, specializing in classic jazz.

Louisa Martin-van Bolhuis
jewelry and jewelrynworkshops.Publications of Louisa.

Maria Bolhuis
Site of the artist Maria Bolhuis, daughter of Siemen, sister of Frode and Eefiene.

Marieke Bolhuis
Bilangual (English and Dutch) website of the artist Marieke Bolhuis, providing her CV and an impression of her work, including links to other websites with additional information.

Miranda Bolhuis
Site of the multi-facetted (acting, directing, producing, music performing) Miranda.

Peter Bolhuis
Site with information about the actor Peter Bolhuis.

Peter Bolhuis
Site of the dentist Peter Bolhuis. And all pictures of persons show happy faces.

Peter G. Bolhuis
Site of prof Peter Bolhuis, theoretical chemistry.

Pieter Bolhuis
Architect Pieter Bolhuis.

René Bolhuis
Site of a hypnotherapist.

Richard Bolhuis
English Language. Site of the visual artist and musician Richard Bolhuis

Sebastiaan Bolhuis
Site about horses.

Sicco van Bolhuis
Travelreports of Sicco van Bolhuis.

Siemen Bolhuis
Site of sculptor Siemen Bolhuis from Almere with examples of his work. Father of Frodo, Maria and Eefiene Bolhuis.

Willem Bolhuis
Site of Willem Bolhuis and Liedewij de Kuiper in Lelystad, with information about the local weather, energyconsumption, and columns about islam, refugies etc.

Bolhuis Administratie, Ten Post
Administrative services with a logo inspired by the name Bolhuis.

Auto Bolhuis
Site of the car-company started by a Bolhuis, after his dead continued with the same name, but there are no namesakes involged.

Bureau for Automation Bolhuis, Tiel
Bureau for industrial automation and electrotechnics.

computersupport, IT-specialist, located in Groningen.

Ecological bakery Bolhuis
Site of a bakery expoited on ecological basis.

Bolhuis metaal recycling
Metal recyclingcompany, Surhuisterveen.

Café Bolhuis te Groningen
Bar in Groningen, started by Isaaac Bolhuis, these days no Bolhuises involved.

ChipsAway Van Bolhuis
Carbodyrepair, Groningen

Van Bolhuis Interieurs
Interior decorator, near Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Pub lic notary Blank, Prevoo, Van Bolhuis
Public notary, Haarlem.

Painter Bolhuis, Hengelo
A family enterprise, founded in 1926, in the mean time ran by the third generation.

Bolhuis Xmas-trees, Haren
Site with audio of a nursery of Christmas-trees.

Osteopathie Van Bolhuis
Site of an Osteopathie practisioner.

Technisch Installation enterprise Bolhuis
Site of an installation company for home and industry, Baflo.

Auto Bolhuis
Site of the Belgium nature farm. Has nothing to do with the [Van] Bolhuis family.

Heino Bolhuis
site under construction, German language

Mike Bolhuis
Site of Mike's security and private investigator firm.

Kristine Bolhuis
Site of a metal artist showing samples of her work. See also this site

Linda Bolhuis. De kustenares Linda Bolhuis.

Phil Bolhuis
Page of Phil Bolhuis on the site of a real estate agent.

Bolhuis Kitchen Company
Site of kitchen design and installation firm in Frankfort IL.