List of sites dealing with Groningen, or genealogy in Groningen. The sites with genealogicalcontents are listed at the end.

Using site like those about castles/mansions, lodging, museums, the scenery and others, dealing with the Groningen Heritage, a custom made program can be drawn up, according to individual wishes.

Tourist association - Groningen
Six languanges site of the tourist association of Groningen.

Portal for the town of Groningen
Portal for the west of the province of Groningen
Portal for the N-W of the province of Groningen
Portal for north and middle of the province of Groningen
Portal for the east of the province of Groningen
Portal for the center of the province of Groningen
Portal for S-E of the province of Groningen
On these pages links to about anything you can think of in Groningen. In spite of that are below specifically mentioned some pages in order to make them quicker accessible.

Dagblad van het Noorden
Site van de major regional newspaper

Present and past of Groningen
The site is composed out of three parts: history, pictures and culture. The inhabitants of Groningen are encouraged to update the site. Making pictures and other information available is the way to do it.

Groninger Musea
This is a national site. However, when you click on "invullen" and of all the questions following that action only complete "Provincie" (indeed, with "Groningen") you get information about 70 museums in the province.
Another, multilanguage, museum site gives the big museums in the province, when you select the correct province.

Old Churches in Groningen
A typical element in the countrysite is given by the brick churches in romano-gothic style. The "Foundation Old Groninger Churches" owns several of these churches, often with the surrounding churchyard, the traditional burrial ground. The Foundation restaures and preserves them.

Organs in Groningen
This trilangual site (English, German and Dutch) gives information about church organs in Groningen. Some organs in villages are of particular historic and artistic interest.

Mills in Groningen
Still 83 windmills still exist in Groningen. On this bilangual (English and Dutch) site information regarding windmills, the Groningen windmill foundation, de millers guild, etc.

Scenery in Groningen
The bilangual site (English and Dutch) of the Foundation to restore and preserve nature and the typical valuable elements in the landscape of Groningen.

Culture and History of Groningen
The society "Stad & Lande" deals with Culture and History of Groningen. The site provides information about activities like lectures, excursions and publications.

Lodging in traditional surroundings
Erfgoed Logies is an organisation providing accomodation in historical buildings. The organisation has contacts with comparable organisations in Europe.

Archivenet Groningen
An overview which sources are available and where they are kept. Not only the Archives of Groningen, but also other organisations. An opportunity to find less known sources for your genealogy.

Archives of Groningen
Site of the official Archives of Groningen, a joint operation of the former Municipal Archive of Groningen and the State Archive in the province of Groningen. The best starting punt to collect the basic information for a genealogy from original sources. Point of departure for elaboration of the genealogy.

Alle Groningers
Site offers the possibility to search for specific persons who lived in Groningen. In most cases the original document of the population administration can be downloaded.

Wie was wie
Same as previous, now for the entire country.

Site of Harm Selling
Bilangual (English and Dutch). The site carries a lot of referrals, often as link, to a place where more information can be obtained about a specific family. Practical information like addresses about the province Groningen on municipal level. Bulletin board.

NGV - Groningen
Site of the Dutch Genealogical Society, department Groningen. Bilangual: Dutch and English.

Bulletin board [Van] Bolhuis
Message Board [Van] Bolhuis
Two bulletin boards in the US about the persons with the name "Bolhuis" or "Van Bolhuis". Both boards contain often the same messages.

Heritage Hall Calvin College
Archives of Holland (US)
A major part of those who emigrated to the States settled in the area of Holland (Michigan). These two sites may give an opportunity to make a contact and find out more about the emigrants.