Several persons contributed and contribute to the research into the [Van] Bolhuis families. In due time a lead-team emerged. Let us introduce the team....

Jan van Bolhuis
born in Amsterdam on March 10, 1946, was controller,
published about genealogy and history since 1975.
Initiated the research in 1962, final editor of the publication to be.

Petronella J.C. Elema
born in Startenhuizen May 25th, was librarian
published since 1966 in several genealogical periodicals (like: De Nederlandse Leeuw, Gens Nostra and Gruoninga).
Involved in the research since 1971, focussed on the period before 1811.

Due to a computercrash I lost my entire adressbook with several hundreds of adresses. Hence I would appreciate if anybody interested in the research will pass on his of her e-mail adress. Those adresses will be used exclusively in the framework of the genealogy, for instance to announce the publiching of the research. It could thus be useful to pass on adresses of others who could be interested.

The basic rule is that anybody is owner of his own data. Upon request I will send the information I have, starting with the grandparents, as those data are known or easily to be obtained.
According to Dutch Privacy legislation nobody is owner of data concerning somebody else (with the exception of minors of course), even if that somebody is is own father or mother. Nevertheless I will listen to wishes concerning the direct family, but I do not garantee that I will follow those wishes. The most extreme example is somebody who wanted her sister removed from the genealogy.
In newsletter nr 4 the subject is dealt with more detailed.

The research is registered with the Dutch privacy authorities.