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Newsletter November 2006

It has been quiet for some time and a newsletter was very much delayed.
The reason is that I had to undergo three operations. Not related, but obviously I needed a major overhaul. Man can look quite impressive, but in the end of the day .
What ever the reason, here is a fresh newsletter.

Unexpected side activities
It is a matter of logic that, when engaged in genealogy, you get questions about people mentioned in the genealogy. When the person concerned is dead for a long time I deal with these questions in a reserved way. For obvious reasons. It is the intention to publish the entire research in bookformat. We are talking about over 1.000 pages, and therefor a two volume edition. So some money is involved. When too much of the contents is known too few books will be sold, and the publication could then be prevented as the loss will be too substantial (there will never be a profit).
I was more surprised to get enquiries about persons still alive. Lots of people seem to be looking for a [Van] Bolhuis and try so via internet. The first hit Google gives is our website. And that is where they pose the question.
- My wife has her 50th anniversary, I would like to give a party with friends. She used to have contact with Henny Bolhuis. Do you know his adress?
- We like to organise a reunion of our schoolclass. In that class was a Marietje Bolhuis, I know she has married, I do not know with whom. Where does she live?
- We are preparing a historical publication and a P. van Bolhuis is mentioned. We could not trace him. Can you help?
Just a few examples. Almost without exception I can identify the persons.
The schoolreunion was from a school in Alkmaar,had it been in Groningen I would not have succeeded. The last question was very easy, P. van Bolhuis was my father.
Usually I also have contactdata, if not from the person in question then from his (or her) kinsmen . Far more time is taken with contacting the person searched for with the question if I may pass on these contactdata. Not everybody wants to be approached. Until now nobody objected. You research a family and engage in detectivestuff. What happened? How was the relation with these people who must be related somehow. The people concerned died already, often centuries ago. But that I had started a "missing persons bureau" was not what I expected.

New data, a disappointment?
When the 17th century draws to an end, we find a Arend Hindriks Bolhuis. He is the ancestor of an extended Bolhuis family, living in the "Oldambt", the eastern part of the Province of Groningen.
The question is evident: why the name Bolhuis? To answer that question a theory was developped how he might have descended from Abel Eppens tho Equart, after all, that is the man who all namesakes like to see as their ancestor. It would explain the name Bolhuis as Abel Eppens lived on the Bolhuis and his descendents call themselves [Van] Bolhuis. The theory was not wishful thinking. I asked several genealogists about their opinion, and they agreed that the theory offered plausible explanation and fitted the indications availble. It resulted in a publication in a genealogical periodical, and also that did not resulted in any negative reactions. And so the theory was included in the draft genealogy. Of course with the clear indication that actual proof was not (yet) found.
In March of this year I received a message of a genealogist that he had found a charter proving that the theory was wrong. An elaborate exchange of views followed, because, if this was not true, how could the name Bolhuis with this family been explained. Finaly, in a joint effort we could establish how the relation was.
Without any doubt the genealogy improved in quality, because an incorrect hypothesis was removed. But is anybody happy? Those who have Arend Hendriks as ancestor loose five geneations. Truth must be told, but it is not always pleasant. Then, how is the relation? When the [Van] Bolhuis-family leaves the namegiving farm, the wife of the succeeding couple was married before. When her second husband dies, she remarries again and the newlywed settle somewhere else. Children are born out of all three marriages, and though only during the second marriage Bolhuis was the home, descendents from all three marriages take Bolhuis as a family name. Arend Hindriks is from the first marriage and may even have been a stepson of the woman.

I had to go easy, and the same applies to the outstanding questions. All are outstanding questions are still outstanding.

Nevertheless, two new questions.

Dirk Visser, born in 1926, died Groningen 13.11.1986, marries an A. Bolhuis. Who can tell who she was?

Harm van Esch, born Godlinze 10.10.1917, died Winsum 28.7.2005, married also an A. Bolhuis. Also this woman could not yet be identified.

Jan van Bolhuis
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